the farm, part one

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Some of you may have read this story on my old blog. It feels like both the final chapter of our old life and the first chapter of our new one. The last two years have felt like living in the space in-between two worlds. Liminal. Our old life gently fading away and the new one coming into view.....

Because this space here is new, I thought I'd share a bit about who we are and how we got here......

Joe & I grew up when kids were still let loose into the woods for hours on end. On opposite coasts, we both spent hours and hours in the woods as children. Him in the Adirondacks of New York and me in the Sawtooths of Idaho and coast of Alaska. The woods have always been a haven to both of us - a place that grounded our spirits when times were hard, an exhale for our souls. 

Somehow - and I am forever a romantic so I am certain the universe intervened - we met in a tiny coastal Alaskan town. I was a young single mom and he was a young active-duty sailor in the Coast Guard. We met at a much delayed Christmas party - on Valentine's day - fellow military spouses out there, you know how these kinds of things happen. We danced to Bell Biv Devoe in a tiny Alaskan bar & grill. A day or two later he found me at work, stocking shelves at the local grocery store. He asked if I wanted to go hiking. And that was it. 

Eleven months later we danced away at the Powder House, the same little bar & grill we met at, surrounded by friends and family and the cutest tuxedo-wearing 18-month-old you ever saw. Ten months after that, a baby girl joined the mix and eight months later we left Alaska for the East Coast. Our new duty station was Cape Cod, MA.

In the decade that followed, we picked up local papers and researched land. Maine was a favorite in the beginning. We dreamed of a cabin. We started collecting cabin books. We tucked money aside. We added two more babies and our family grew to six.

There were so many moves. So many opportunities to reinvent - or perhaps find - ourselves. Alaska, Massachusetts, back to Alaska, Minnesota, Louisiana, back to Massachusetts. Somewhere in the middle, there was a 14-month deployment to the Middle East for Joe while we waited from him back in that tiny Alaskan town that brought us together. After that long year, Cordova became our home port for the decade to follow, the one place we went back to again and again and felt like we belonged. We lived on the waters of Prince William Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Superior. There were so many friends made, so many farewells, a whole lot of beautiful adventure, and a heavy dose of pure heartache and longing tugging at our heartstrings.

The cabin dream grew. It now had chickens, an herb garden, a pottery studio, fruit trees, lots of flowers, and a stream....

It felt like a place we knew, calling us home.

And then it found us....... our little farm in the woods.


More Soon.


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