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Once upon a time, I sat down several times a week to record our days. Recipes, thoughts on parenting, creative pursuits. For almost a decade, I kept a blog called Gypsy Forest - primarily notes on chasing my growing four children. The children grew up and the blog posts became fewer - mostly due to not really knowing where their stories ended and mine began - I felt I had lost the voice that once was Gypsy Forest. The blogscape has also changed so much since that first post I wrote ten years ago. I admit to spending more time on Instagram these days than perusing blogs - mostly due to moving to a rural setting with snail-paced internet (recipe blogs - I love you - but your popups are killing me!)

Here I am though. Middle-aged. Half my children are grown and out of the nest. Freshly setting up home in the landscape we dreamed of for decades. I plan to keep a loose homestead journal here, notes on herbalism, nature walks, and other random bits. I hope it offers a little view of what goes on behind the scenes at Sweetbrier Farms.


More Soon.

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