Lemon Balm Glycerite

Lemon Balm Glycerite

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Lemon Balm promotes a cool + positive mood/mind. It’s especially helpful for children and adults that struggle with an overactive mind - when your brain is wandering in two many directions and you have trouble focusing on the task at hand. It softens stress + tension and helps relieve the “racing heart” feeling that sometimes comes from stress or anxiety. A member of the mint family, Lemon Balm also has some gentle digestive properties and anti-viral properties. 

The best-tasting glycerites are made with fresh herbs. The volatile oils (essential oils) of the plant are preserved and the result is a bright, vibrant flavor. Our glycerites are made with fresh organically grown plant matter + organic vegetable glycerine.

Glycerites are gentle and safe for all ages.


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Typical dose : 1 dropperful as needed


INGREDIENTS : fresh organically grown lemon balm, organic vegetable glycerin


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Our herbal extracts are handcrafted in small batches with love + intention using organic, non-gmo, and responsibly wildcrafted ingredients - many from our own farm in the woods of NY.

*These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or prevent disease.*

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