About our process + goods:


Nestled in the quiet, cozy woods of upstate NY. Our days are spent caring for our family, land, chickens, and bees. We are both happiest with dirty hands and deep in the process of creating. In our online shop and at local markets you will find the very best of what we've handcrafted. Our offerings are made of natural materials : clay, wood, fiber, and plants. We use ethically harvested and sourced ingredients, we grow many of our own medicinal herbs, and all of our goods are made in small batches with intention. 

Our wooden items are finished with non-toxic wood butter. Our pottery is durable high-fire and glazed with food-safe and lead-free glazes. Our apothecary + soap goods are made with essential oils + organic herbs. Each item is made for you as if you were a member of our very own family - and only the best will do.

Stephinie has attended multiple levels of apprenticeship and clinician training in Herbalism, and certification in European Aromatherapy. After 25 years in the Coast Guard as an Electrician and Vessel Inspector, Joe is happy to be settled in the woods.... carving spoons, throwing pots, and helping Steph with the farm.



how we got here - a sappy little love story about us

Once upon a time, a sailor far from his home met a girl by the Alaskan sea. He promised her a life of adventure if she would accompany him on his journey. And so she did.

For two decades they traveled around. Always living near great bodies of water. Babies were born, and they grew into children. The sailor and girl grew older and lines of laughter crept into their smiles. 

As time passed, a little dream began to grow. 

They wished for a quieter life. A cabin in the woods. A place to truly settle in and let their roots sink deep into the earth.  

And then, one day, they found themselves overlooking thirty acres of beautiful old woods and farmland. Over the next year, they visited the place in every season.

They heard the dream whispering, this is it. And so they bought the land. Someday we’ll build our cabin here, they said to each other.

In the meantime, the sailor kept working - but in his free time, he began to learn about pottery and woodcarving. The girl kept raising up little ones - but in her free time, she learned about fiber and plants. 

Little did they know, the dream had bigger plans for them.

Two years after they bought their beautiful land, a cabin right next door came up for sale. It had patiently waited just for them. Some might say, it fell together like a dream. The sailor and the girl would agree. They bought their little cabin and the little patch of woods and meadow grew to 35 acres.

All things loved need a name, and so they called their new home Sweetbrier - in honor of the ship that carried the sailor to the far away girl in the very beginning.

Sweetbrier Farms

The sailor and the girl have new dreams of apple trees and pumpkin patches. Honeybees and lots of chickens. Evenings sipping tea and carving spoons. Building barns and clay pots. Growing herbs, watching the moon....... and sharing this little bit of magic with you.