Making + Growing Practices:



We believe what we put on and in our bodies should be close to nature.

Our products are made from organic or wildcrafted ingredients. We do not use any chemicals, genetically modified materials, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. We believe this practice produces an exceptional product, and we believe YOU are worth the extra effort to make sure it is the best it can be.



Nestled in the quiet, cozy forest of upstate NY is our little cabin in the woods.

We tend over two dozen varieties of medicinal herbs, a vegetable garden and an orchard using a blend of organic + biodynamic practices. The farm is about five acres of minimally managed pasture + gardens, and thirty acres of thriving wild forest. We offer a variety of herbal wellness goods (many featuring our homegrown medicinal herbs), organic + palm-free soap, and seasonal collections of our handcrafts. We also run an herbal CSA where members receive seasonal wellness bundles to support their health.

While we do own the mortgage and pay the taxes for this little piece of field and forest, it's important to remember it is unceded land from Mohican, Abenaki, and Wabanaki peoples.
2% of all sales are donated to social justice organizations both regionally and nationally that work to provide resources to marginalized communities. We believe all folks deserve equal access to education, land ownership, housing, food, employment, life and love.