Herbal CSA

in the garden with my fluffy boss, Prince Elwood....


My favorite moments are spent among the plants..... wandering through our 30+ acres of woodland and fields, checking on the growth of plants I know and always discovering a new one. I spend the seasons thoughtfully observing and harvesting, through both sustainable wildcrafting and tending the 30+ (and growing) varieties of medicinal herbs we grow on our farm. Harvested at their peak and combined with organic ingredients to preserve them - the alchemy happens - and their healing properties are preserved to share with members in the form of teas, salves, extracts, and more.

At the change of each season, our apothecary share members receive a bundle of intentionally crafted, small-batch, herb-infused goods to bring balance and support health. These gentle yet powerful remedies tucked into earth friendly parcels bring with them a connection to land + plant energy + maker.

All of our goods are cruelty-free and made with sustainably wildcrafted + organic ingredients. Each share includes a full-color newsletter with detailed information about each item. Members also receive a 15% discount on all additional apothecary purchases throughout the year.

Share sign-ups are open December 1st through March 1st and can be found in our shop here

Joining our CSA is a wonderful way to support a small-scale herbalist + herb farm while building your natural home apothecary. Supporting our CSA by committing to a year-long membership helps us buy supplies in bulk at the beginning of the season (seeds, seedlings, compost, etc.) It also helps us make big-ticket purchases to expand our product offerings. In 2020 we added two greenhouses for starting seedlings + overwintering some perennials that don't love our cold weather. In 2021 we hope to buy a still for making hydrosols with our fresh herbs and a large tincture press to help with the muscle work of pressing gallons of tinctures.

We're looking forward to another year of making plant infused wellness goods for our members - we would love to have you join us. ❤