Lemon Balm Love

Lemon Balm Love

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This delicious Lemon Balm Elixir was made for our summer CSA members and we have a few bottles left to share with you! Delicious + sweet + lemony with hints of strawberry and rose. It’s a super yummy way to calm a busy mind and heart.

Rose and Lemon Balm are both cooling herbs. In Ayurveda, rose is thought to balance all doshas and cool pitta (fire). Energetically, rose is healing to our hearts, but she also has thorns to remind us how important healthy boundaries are. Lemon Balm is safe and gentle, used often in children’s formulas. She is uplifting and relaxing. This lovely blend can be taken directly in the mouth or added to any summertime drink for a lovely sweet + tasty kick. Seltzer, iced tea, champagne and more!

2oz bottle

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Typical dose: 2-4 dropperfuls - 2x daily

Lemon Balm : cooling, supports a calm mind

Rose : cooling, balancing, brings joy to the heart 


MADE FROM FARM FRESH HERBS GROWN WITH ORGANIC PRACTICES: fresh lemon balm, dried organic rose petals, fresh rose petals, organic freeze dried strawberries, organic vegetable glycerine, vodka


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Our herbal extracts are handcrafted in small batches with love + intention using organic, non-gmo, and responsibly wildcrafted ingredients - many from our own farm in the woods of NY.


*These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or prevent disease.*

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